United States Aid to Israel

Snapshot of the state of Israel

From 1949 to 1998, the US government gave USD 84.8 billion in foreign aid and other US federation grants to Israel. This is more than it gave to all the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean put together, whose combined total population is 1,054,000,000.

A breakdown of United States Aid to Israel

The United States provides direct and indirect military aid to Israel. FY 2001 funding requests relevant to Israel:

Foreign Military Financing (FMF): grants to foreign governments financing the purchase of American made weapons, services and training. 

FMF Budget Request FY 2001: Total budget request: USD 3.54 billion
Budget request for Israel: 1.98 billion

Budget request for Egypt: 1.3 billion

Budget request for Jordan 75 million

Israel therefore receives 50% of the Foreign Military Financing budget request. The large sums paid by the US to Egypt and Jordan are in recognition of the two countries signing Peace Accords with Israel in 1979 and 1994 respectively. 

Economic Support Fund (ESF): The ESF promotes economic and political stability in areas strategically important to the US. It is not intended for military usage, but allows the recipient government to free up other money, therefore providing indirect military aid.

ESF Budget Request, FY 2001: 

Total budget request: USD 2.313 billion
 Budget request for Near East: USD 1.828 billion, which includes:

Israel USD 840 million

Egypt USD 150 million

WB/GS USD 100 million

Israel receives the largest single grant of the Near East budget, which alone is 79% of the total ESF request.

Private donations to American charities initially constituted one quarter of Israel's budget. Today, it is estimated that these donations approach USD 1 billion per year. The New Israel Fund reports that it alone raised USD 23 million in the year 2000. 

Indirect cost of Israel to the United States.

US Aid to Israel: Violations of US Law

US Aid to Israel: Funding the Occupation

Israel is clearly a funded state: despite its own healthy economy, it continues to receive funds from the US, in disproportion to both the country's population and needs 

The financial aid alone which Israel receives from the US allows it to purchase tanks, helicopter gunships, F-16 war planes, machine guns and bullets. When it is not possible for the Israeli government to use the funds directly on military expenditure, its use elsewhere frees up other Israeli government funds to pay for military salaries, services and facilities.

Military power is required for Israel to maintain occupation implemented through settlements, checkpoints and closure. It is therefore no exaggeration to state that the US is funding and supplying the Israeli government's occupation of the Palestinian territories. Without the financial subsidies of the United States, the Israeli government would have found it considerably harder to sustain its military occupation of the Palestinian territories for the past thirty four years.