Vienna: More than 4,000 demonstrators rallied against NATO airstrikes. They rallied in front of the U.S. Embassy, shouting «Viva Serbia» and singing traditional Serb battle songs. The protesters threw eggs and tomatoes at the police at the embassy and burned the American flag.


March 26: A Bangladeshi Citizens' Group protested against the United States «subversion of the United Nations» and condemned «in the strongest terms American and British action in Yugoslavia and Iraq.»


Brussels: Demonstrate with us against Nato on 3 April. Delegations from everywhere will demonstrate against our common ennemy. The demonstration will depart at 2 p.m. from the Parc Communal in Woluwe St Lambert (commune eastwards of Brussels, E 40 exit number 19 or 20).From the Underground (metro) station Roodebeek, take the chaussée Roodebeek until the Parc Communal. AS THE DEMONSTRATION REMAINS FORBIDDEN UP TILL NOW, POSSIBLY WE WILL HAVE TO RESORT TO AN ALTERNATIVE PLACE OF GATHERING. WE WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. More Info in French and English .


Banja Luka: Thousands of Serb teenagers and students shouted down Serb moderate leaders in a second day of protests against NATO. Police used teargas to break up the demonstration.


Sofia: 10,000 people protested NATO's airstrikes in Bulgarias's capital of Sofia.


Los Angeles: Sat March 27, 2 PM: Downtown Federal Building. 213 487 2368 (International Action Center)

Los Angeles, CA: March 24, 5:00 pm Westwood federal building 213 487 2368 (International Action Center)

San Francisco, Sat., Mar. 27, 12 noon : Stop the Bombing Demo Powell & Market Sts., San Francisco STOP THE BOMBING OF YUGOSLAVIA! MONEY FOR JOBS & EDUCATION, NOT WAR! National Day of Protest: Rally & March. Call to endorse or for more information: International Action Center, 2489 Mission St., Rm. 28; (415) 821-6545. email: web:

Transportation from San Francisco to Sacramento, CA Saturday, March 27, 4 pm Demonstration, call 415-821-6545

Sacremento: Fri. March 26, 4:30: 16th and J Street

Sacramento, CA. Saturday, March 27, 4 pm, Demonstration, Convention Center on J & L Streets Downtown, Against bombing of Yugoslavia. Call International Action Center for details and transportation from San Francisco, 415-821-6545

Santa Barbara, CA April 3, noon, Demonstration, State St and Anapamu. Call 805-569-3738 for info


Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa: Friday March 26: Protesters carried signs and shouted slogans condemning the NATO attacks on Yugoslavia.

Toronto: Thursday, March 25: Over a thousand protesters battled with police outside the U.S. Consulate.


Nicosia: Friday March 26: burning the U.S. flags and shouting «Americans and NATO, murderers,» 500 Greek Cypriots demonstrated outside the U.S. Embassy.


Prague: Saturday, March 27, hundreds of protesters demonstrated against NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. The demonstrators gathered on Wenceslas Square, chanting and displaying signs stating «NATO go home» and «We are united.»


DC: Sunday March 28th - 2:00pm: Emergency Call To Action: NO NATO BOMBING OF YUGOSAVIA! NO NATO INVASION OF YUGOSLAVIA! U.S./NATO OUT OF THE BALKANS. Demonstrate at the White House Join the Serbian-American community and the International Action Center on Sunday to condemn the U.S led NATO bombing and possible invasion of Yugoslavia. International Action Center/National Peoples Campaign-DC, 1247 `E' St., SE, Washington, DC 20003, 202-588-1205,,


London: At least 1,000 anti-war protesters and Serbian nationalists sang Serbian folk songs and carried flags outside Downing Street on Saturday, 26/3/99. Placards accused Tony Blair and President Clinton of being «murderers» and asserted that innocent blood was being shed because of «American imperialism». Daily demonstrations have been held in Whitehall. Scotland Yard said Saturday's was the biggest so far.

London: Assistant director at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Terrence Taylor, said in London, that cracks were appearing in the NATO alliance.

London: Demonstration: Iraq: Stop the bombing! Lift the sanctions! London, Saturday April 17 Statement by Hugh Stephens, April 17 demonstration organiser. (25/3/99) : «The outbreak of war in the Balkans makes it more necessary than ever to build support for the April 17 event. We call upon the entire peace movement, the labour movement, all those of Christian, Muslim and other religious faiths, and all decent people to form the broadest possible alliance for peace and justice and ensure that April 17 sees a massive demonstration that public opinion rejects the governments war and sanctions policies.» Hugh Stephens, April 17 demonstration organiser. (25/3/99)

Details of the April 17 demonstration: Assemble 1 p.m. Speaker 92s Corner. March to Trafalgar Square for 3 p.m. Rally with: Ahmed Ben Bella, first President of Algeria; Tony Benn MP; Felicity Arbuthnot, journalist; Saira Akhtar, Muslim community; Denis Halliday, former Assistant Gen. Sec. of the UN; George Galloway MP, Emergency Cttee on Iraq; Harold Pinter, Playwright; Sylvia Boyes, peace campaigner. More Details


Miami: March 26 , 4:00 pm : STOP NATO BOMBS! - Federal Building - downtown Miami gathering - Serbian Orthodoc Church - 3:00 pm.


Paris: Friday March 26: 10, 000 demonstrators protested NATO air strikes. The protest was organized by the Communist party and trade unions


Berlin: Police clashed violently on Saturday, 3/27, with anti-NATO protesters after a demonstration of 3,000. The protest was organised by former communists in the Party for Democratic Socialism (PDS) Party leader Lothar Bisky described the air strikes as «criminal». The PDS announced last week that that sending troops to join the NATO assault was unconstitutional.ant that it would take the Bonn government to court.

Berlin: Thursday, March 25: Several hundred protesters rallied against NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia while EU leaders close by in Berlin's Intercontinental hotel.

Frankfurt, Munich, Schwerin and Rostock: Hundreds of people protested against the NATO air strikes.

Nuremberg: 1,500 protested under the red-white-and-blue striped Serbian flag. Demonstrators rallied for five hours, some carrying placards reading «Shame on Germany» for participating in the NATO bombings.

Stuttgart, Germany: Protests against NATO bombings continued throughout Europe, with 3,500 demonstrators in Stuttgart, Germany, shouting anti-American slogans and denouncing Clinton as a murderer.


Athens: On Friday, 26 March, 15,000 demostrators marched to the U.S. Embassy. The shouted «Clinton, Fascist, Murderer.» Police clashed with protesters who threw rocks and eggs at the U.S. and British embassies and lit fires and smashed store windows and cars. Some light injuries were reported. Greece, leading the dissident wing of NATO, has been calling for an immediate halt to the bombing and a return to the negotiating table. In addition, it has refused to offer its military forces to join the assault.

Piraeus: On Saturday, march 27, about 200 people marched through the port of Piraeus clashing with police. No serious injuries or arrests were reported.

Salonica: Friday March 26: Demonstrations broke out in the northern Greek port of Salonica. The port was used as a transit point for NATO ground forces on their way to neighboring Macedonia.


Chicago, Illinois March 26. Time: 1 p.m. Place: Daley Center Plaza Daley Center Plaza Washington and Dearborn Sts. (312) 346-3278. It is being coordinated with the help of the Orthodox Churches in the Chicago area.

Chicago: Sat, March 27. Details to be announced


Apulia: Local communities around the NATO air base expressed concern on Saturday, 27 March, at the continued bombing. Protests in towns around the base were organised by an anti-war coalition of communists, pacifists, religious groups and trade unions. At four smaller bases protests were staged and peaceful demonstrations were held in many Itali an cities.

Rome: Dozens of demonstrators protested outside of parliament on Saturday, 27 March, waving olive branches dyed red to simulate blood. The demonstrators hurled bottles, fruit, dirt and trash and clashed with police who used tear gas. Three people were injured according to State television.


Boston: To be announced


Skopje: For the second day, police broke up demonstrators trying to reach the American Embassy. In an effort to avoid a replay of Thursday's attacks of Western embassies and NATO personnel, police cordoned off parts of the city. Reuters also reported that a crowd attempted to converge on the French, German and British embassies. German Embassy guards fired two percussion grenades to quell the crowd after windows were broken and the ground floor was ransacked.


Ann Arbor: there will be a response demo at 6 pm at the Federal Building at Liberty and Fifth (day after) if a weekday, and 12 noon same location if a weekend. Jane Cutter.

At the last Prevent meeting, those present agreed to hold a local «day after action when the bombing of Yugoslavia began. As it has begun today, the demonstration should be tom'w, Thursday, March 25, at 6 pm at the Federal Building in Ann Arbor at Liberty and 5th Streets. Please bring signs or cardboard and markers to make new signs to protest this latest US/NATO military action.

Detroit IAC is calling a demo vs US/NATO bombing of Yugoslavia on Monday, March 29 at 4:30 PM at the McNamara Federal Building in Detroit. - Call 313-581-1201


Minneapolis, MN: Wednesday, March 31 4:30 pm: Federal Courts Building, 4th St. and 3rd Ave., downtown Minneapolis. Emergency Committee Against U.S. Intervention in Yugoslavia & CISPES/Anti-War Committee. For info, call Mayday Books, 612-333-4719 or WAMM 612-827-5364. Kristin Dooley & Alan Dale Emergency Committee Against U.S. Intervention in Yugoslavia

Minneapolis, MN: Thursday, March 25 4:30 pm: Federal Courts Building, 4th St. and 3rd Ave., downtown Minneapolis, MN Emergency Committee Against U.S. Intervention in Yugoslavia, Mayday Books, 612-333-4719 or WAMM 612-827-5364


Rotterdam,: Friday March 26: Several hundred Serbs demonstrated against NATO air strikes.


Fort Monmouth-Main Gate; Hwy 35; 12 Noon; Stop The Bombing For information call 798-741-7097


New York City: Anti-war protest against U.S. bombing of Yugoslavia will take place Wednesday, March 31, 5 pm, starting at Grand Central Station in New York City, (42nd St. and Park Ave.). It will then march to the New York Times (229 W. 43rd St.). This is initiated by the International Action Center, 212-633-6646.

New York City: Hundreds of demonstrators protested in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Chicago, Portland, Minneapolis, and in other cities within hours after the beginning of the bombing of Yugoslavia by U.S./NATO forces. There will be a follow-up demonstration on Saturday, March 27th in New York City at 12 noon that will march from Grand Central Station, 42nd and Park Avenue, to Union Square. 212-633-6646. Report-back press release

NORWAY Oslo: On Saturday, 27 March, about 300 demonstrators, mainly Serbs, threw firecrackers and eggs at the U.S. Embassy . They marched to the American Embassy from Norway's parliament, carrying banners with slogans such as «Stop Bombing» and «Clinton Equals Hitler.»


Columbus, Ohio: March 27, 2:00 PM : Demonstration AGAINST NATO's CRIMINAL BOMBING CAMPAIGN. Saturday, Please meet at 2:00 PM sharp at the central amphitheater at City Center Mall. Gregory Elich

Columbus OH. Thursday, March 25 There will be a demonstration opposing NATO aggression against Yugoslavia at 5:30 PM on, at the downtown Federal Building, 200 North High Sreet.

Toledo, OH. Saturday, March 27, Interfaith Death Penalty Conference, Noon, Moment of Silence, Notre Dame Academy HS, Secor and Monroe


Phila, PA: STOP THE BOMBING OF YUGOSLAVIA! MONEY FOR JOBS & EDUCATION, NOT WAR! Demonstrate Monday March 29th 4:30pm Federal Building 6th & Market St. (5:15 marching towards City Hall, in order to reach out to Market Street pedestrians) The U.S. is bombing for humanitarian reasons? LIES! For excellent background info, check out: «The BosnianTragedy There are Saturday protests around the country (& world), but because of SalemNJ and 3MileIsland protests Sat. & Mumia visibility, and Sunday's School of the America's protest, we've scheduled Phila. event for Monday. THOSE ATTENDING SAT.& Sun. PROTESTS PLEASE ANNOUNCE MONDAY'S PROTEST! There is a rally for juvenile rights and against death penalty at city hall at same time. If they agree, we can join up with them at end, demanding «Money for jobs and education, not for jails and war.». Issued by: International Action Center; 813 S. 48th St., Phila, PA 19143; 215-724-1618 e-mail:

Phila: Protest against U.S. Bombing of Yugoslavia today, Thursday, March 25: . Emergency Response Day after U.S. bombings: RALLY AGAINST WAR. 4:30 pm. Federal building, 6th and Market Streets, Philadelphia. Philadelphia Area Coalition to Stop the War Against Iraq, 215-386-4322, 215-241-7170, 215-724-1618, .


Warsaw: Demonstrators rallied against NATO airstrikes.


Timisoara: Saturday, March 27: Approximately 1,000 protesters burned a U.S. flag and shouted slogans against the NATO bombing. The city is about an hour's drive from Yugoslavia.


Moscow: U.S and British embassies were targets of demonstrations, and the Russian Government ordered NATO representatatives out of the country. Protesters engaged in a third day of rallies Saturday, March 27 outside the American and British embassies in Moscow. At least 2,000 protesters, many of them elderly people, rallied near the U.S. Embassy, where Communist leader Zyuganov and other speakers denounced NATO attacks against Yugoslavia.

Moscow: Saturday, 27th of March, 1999 at 11 a.m. (Moscow time - 8 a.m. UT) : An anti-NATO action agains bombing Yugoslavija will be held near the American Embassy . Stop NATO !!!


In Ukraine, communist-led protests continued into a third day, as of Saturday, 3/27, while two government ministers traveled to Belgrade to offer mediation in possible peace talks.


Seattle. Saturday, March 27: Demonstrations against NATO Bombing. Call for information, 206-325-0085


Madison: Sat, March 27, Noon: Library Mall

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